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    EOPSS LMS reminds you of the following when logging in: ALL usernames are in the formats below. Contact your own agency LMS administrative contact for assistance.

    'I am a State employee or a County employee (or I am a former employee from these divisions)' 

    You will use your state employee ID number.  It can be located on your check stub as well as Paystation, PayInfo and SSTA applications.

    'I am a Municipal employee, a SSPO’s from a non-state college, or from an 'Other' categorized non-state and non-county agency.'

    You will use your driver’s license numbers regardless of which state it is issued from. Please enter the number exactly as it appears on your driver’s license. No caps accepted, only lower case letters (s234123567).

    Passwords do not change. If you cannot remember your password, please use the password reset option. It will be emailed directly to the email address on file in your profile with minutes. If you do not have a valid email or do not receive the email visit the ‘Contact Us’ link.

    For How To questions, please use one of the options available:

    Four minute tutorial: “How Do I…Find My Way Around the e-Learning Site?” (see below)

    FAQ’ section link

    ‘Contact Us’ link and contact the appropriate person(s) serving your agency for additional assistance.

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